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No Fly Tours 2022/2023

Did you know you can travel by Eurostar on many of our tours and river cruises? Not only will you keep your feet firmly on the ground, you can begin your trip with a departure from a train station closer to home on selected dates and holidays. If you wish, you can upgrade to First Class on a regional rail journey or to Standard Premier Class on the Eurostar service.

Fascinating tours
Enjoy a short break in Bruges or Paris, witness Germany’s landscape at its most dramatic in the Rhine Valley and Black Forest, or explore the many picturesque regions of France.

Luxury river cruising
Choose from seven wonderful itineraries and enjoy life on board some of Europe’s most modern river cruisers. Cruise the Rhine past fairy-tale castles and medieval towns, the Rhône through southern France and sun-baked vineyards, the Seine from timeless Paris through Normandy, and the Dutch waterways past traditional windmills and colourful bulbfields.

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